Let me help you decide what type of vacation you would like and where you would like to go. I have a wealth of industry information at my fingertips, along with personal experience and I would very much enjoy helping you.  

From destination information, visa requirements, how to apply for a passport, when is the best time to visit a certain destination, vaccination requirements etc. I will find the answers for you. 

Or if you just don't have the time,  I can take care of booking your package vacation, flights, car rentals and hotels or plan a special event vacation such as an important Anniversary or Birthday celebration.

It doesn't cost more to use a Travel Consultant, it frees up your time and gives you peace of mind. 

Just send me and email and ask, it's a great place to start.   


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MYTH #1:  It Costs More to Use a Travel Agent. Not the case at all, even though consumers have access to a multitude of “lowest price” sites. Your travel agent looks for a quality product with preferred, reputable travel wholesalers that have been negotiated with to provide competitive pricing and/or upgraded values. You don't pay more for the same product when you use a travel agent; you receive quality and value, plus the added bonus of services a good agent can provide! 

MYTH #2:  Travel Agents Charge a Fee for Their Services. Travel Agents do not charge additional fees. They are compensated for their time and services from the travel wholesalers that we purchase our products through. This fee is already incorporated into the pricing and is NOT an additional charge.  Let a professional assist you their expertise you can start dreaming about your honeymoon, instead of worrying about how to make it happen. When you book online that provider keeps the money, provides little service and you do all the work. Really, why would you book on the internet if you can get the same price with personal service? 
MYTH #3:  Travel Agents Do Not Have My Best Interest in Mind, They Just Want to Make a Sale. Travel agents, like anyone else, try to earn a living, this much is true.  However, choosing a career as a travel agent isn't a decision made out of a love for money. A good agent does what is best for their client even if it's advising them against an option that would better benefit the agent financially.