My Vision

I was born and raised in England and moved to Canada in my twenties.  I visit at least once a year and have extensive knowledge and expertise in the UK, as well as mainland Europe; Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Portugal.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to over 46 countries, from ski trips in North America, to touring Europe as a family, cycling 1500 miles through Europe, Caribbean sun holidays and a solo adventure joining tours to hike the Inca Trail in Peru, to Annapurna Base camp in Nepal, and hike in Tanzania, Africa.  I joined a group tour in India, have spent 6 weeks in S.E.Asia, joining a tour in Vietnam and Cambodia, and then volunteered with elephants in Thailand.   I had an amazing experience visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia and took a River Cruise on the Danube which was fabulous, and I would highly recommend.

This year I took on the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the worlds highest free-standing mountain followed by a safari in Serengeti National park, and ending on the beautiful island of Zanzibar.  I have also toured Turkey, and both in Tanzania and Cappadocia, Turkey I took a hot air balloon which has been one of the most amazing experiences so far.  

My passion for travel gives me a craving to learn everything I can about the amazing destinations available to us all. Through personal travel I am able to experience countries and cultures for myself and better help my clients. Through continuing education, I can update you with new destination information and the options offered through various suppliers.  

I have completed the Active and Adventure Travel Specialist programme in partnership with the ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) to expand my knowledge of destinations and the numerous types of active and adventure travel now available for us to experience.  In addition, I have successfully completed the Wellness Specialist programme and I enjoy visiting some of the outstanding facilities around the world to experience first hand what they have to offer, so I can compare what is offered and advise you.

Now, my position is to provide personalized assistance to you - helping you plan your next vacation. Working for you, I will offer unbiased advice on travel drawing on the expertise that I have gained through my own travel.  My passion and goal is to help you plan a trip that will create amazing memories to last a lifetime; your dream vacation, in addition to getting value for your money.  I can custom design your next trip; plan tours in Europe, River Cruises, adventure tours to SE Asia,  Nepal or Africa, book your flights, car rental, hotels and travel insurance – the complete package to make it a seamless, one stop shop for you.    

I look forward to helping make your dream vacation a reality and creating lifelong memories.